A SPAARC a day will help keep the stress away

By Paula Tamburello
Campus Life Staff

Need a little SPAARC in your life? SPAARC, Students Providing Academic Advisement, Resources, and Communication, is a new student organization.

In an effort to advise students on all academic matters, some students have formed this new organization. The mission is to provide an objective source of academic resources with a student perspective in an effort to advise other students on course planning and maintain a solid communication link between faculty and students.

The SPAARC program was founded in the Fall of 1994 by a group of Georgia Tech students who felt there was a void in the area of academic advisement.

Many students were not satisfied with their previous academic advisement experiences. Some students did not know who their advisors were or how to find that information. Others were simply intimidated about approaching their advisors. In addition the most frequently asked questions were easily answered by other students with experience, such as co-op students advising on the benefits of the co-op program.

SPAARC has four main goals explained by the following. Advisors assist students in academic advisement. They hold office hours daily from midterm week through the end of the quarter.

Advisors are trained to answer any questions concerning scheduling, change of major, or major requirements, as well as many other questions. They can direct a student to an appropriate source of information if the answer is not known to them.

Advisors will also make students appointments with their faculty advisors if that is necessary.

Advisors maintain a list of resources to aid students. In the SPAARC office located on the third floor of the Student Center in the Programs Area is kept updated information about all majors, minors, and certificate programs.

Course catalogs, tutorial programs career services, and information, current Oscars are some of the materials are kept around. A current course critique is also available as an added benefit in scheduling.

Advisors are always looking to increase their numbers.

They recruit each spring for the following academic year and are always willing to talk to interested students who feel they would be an asset to the program.

SPAARC officers may be contacted by sending e-mail to dsadmspa@prism.ga-tech.edu with questions or interests in the organization.

SPAARC currently represents about 13 unique majors, but there are over 30 undergraduate degree programs at Georgia Tech. They are always looking for new majors to be represented by a few advisors.

The last goal is the most important and the reason for this article. SPAARC needs to increase its awareness and usage on campus.

Students are providing wonderful resources which are not being utilized to the fullest. Many forms of publicity are being used to spread the word about SPAARC, so be on the lookout for flyers, banners, e-mail, newsgroup postings, and even a WWW sight (coming soon).

The current president is Julie Swann (or Queen Julie, as she is affectionately called by SPAARC members). Julie is an ISyE advisor as well. She is a fun, outgoing, and great person to work with. Julie is very devoted to SPAARC and could talk about it for hours. "I'm very excited about SPAARC this year because of the increase in interest, advisors, and majors represented. We have nearly doubled in size since last year."

You can reach her with any questions by e-mailing dsadmspa@ prism.gatech.edu. Other advisors answer this account so you may get a response from any one of them.

Questions are usually best answered in person at the office located on the third floor of the Student Center in the Programs office.

Advisor office hours are posted on the door there for each particular major. There is also a list of current advisors and e-mail addresses where you can reach them with questions or to make an appointment.

So, now is the time to visit a SPAARC advisor to answer all those questions you have about scheduling.

The current advisors belong to the following majors: Architecture, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, STAC (Science, Technology and Culture), Textiles.

For students outside of these majors, an advisor will try to assist you or make an appointment with an appropriate advisor. E-mail or Call the office at 894-2382. Office hours are as follows:

ChemE MWF 10-11, 1-2; Comp E TTh 9:30-11; CS/Math TTh 3-4; EE T 11:30-12:30, Th 11-12, 2-3, 4-5, F 3-4; ISyE MF 3:30-5, TTh 9:30-11, T 1:30-3, Th 2-3, W 11-12; ME MWF 9-10, 11-12, 1-2, MW 2-3; STAC MW 2-3 and Text T 2-3, Th 1-2.

Appointments can be set up with the specific advisors posted on the office door. All Tech students should feel free to get involved.


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