The Wonderful World of SGA

Both houses of the Student Government Association did what they do best at the meetings Tuesday, November 14.

Registrar Frank Roper spoke at the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) meeting about the holds process for registration.

A representative from ACOG gave a presentation at the USC meeting. Anyone interested in serving on the security detail in the Olympic Village can pick up an application from the SGA office.

Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and USC have several vacant positions. The following positions are still available in GSS: AE, EE, EnvE, TxE, PHYS, and ARCH. USC positions still up for grabs include: MatE, TxE, and ECON. Interested students should contact their student body president, either Graduate President Tom Kemp or Undergraduate President John Trainor, or come by the SGA office.

Applications and information packets for undergraduates interested in running for positions in next year's USC are now available in the SGA office. The elections will be held February 6-8.

A bill requesting money for the Craft Center to purchase a new poster machine was amended and passed by both houses. The new machine will be a HP color plotter. A request for funds by ACM to send a team to a regional programming competition was amended and passed by both houses as well. USC discussed and failed the amendments to the Undergraduate Student Government bylaws.

A request for funds to purchase equipment for the Yellow Jacket Fencer's Society was amended and approved by USC. The bill will be sent to a conference committee to reconcile the differences in the bills acted on in GSS and USC. A bill chartering the Society of Plastics Engineers student chapter passed both houses. Amendments to the Rowing Club Constitution were also approved. Both houses tabled the resolution concerning registration holds and the joint allocation to Circle K. These will be considered next week.

The graduates also tabled a resolution concerning Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the proposal to amend the Graduate Student Government bylaws. Other bills also to be considered next week include an allocation to the Water Ski Club to purchase a new boat and a resolution concerning spending limits for the USC elections to be held Winter quarter.

GSS meetings are held Tuesdays at 11 a.m. in the Student Services lecture hall. USC meetings are Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., same place. All interested students are invited to attend (take that study break and be entertained!)

Any officers or representatives can be reached at the Student Government office, Room 131 of the Student Services Building, phone 894-2814. You can also contact them by e-mail. The newsgroup for SGA and related issues is git.sga.issues. SGA also has a World Wide Web home page at http://sga.gatech.edu/sga.

--By Trisha Hinman


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