George Carlin kicks off Homecoming '95

By Ariam Ferro
First Name #1031 on the List

George Carlin (he of the "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" and the self-named show - if you missed it, don't worry) came to the Georgia Tech Theater for the Arts on October 27. Carlin could be characterized as a thinking man's Andrew Dice Clay - his act is laced with obscenities, but it can be intellectual, is always provocative and bound to offend most at one point or another. Those of you familiar with his routines, he did not disappoint.

The show was opened by Dennis Blair, whose act started off as somewhat annoying. However, armed with a guitar, he was able to bring laughs by performing sendups of classic rock songs with inventive lyrics. He also used some of these to poke fun at various people. In short, he did his job - warming up the crowd.

Carlin then took the stage. He started by blasting the conservative Congress on its views on abortion and took off from there (can you guess that he's somewhat liberal?) He stated that if the Republicans care so much about keeping you alive, why are they pro-death penalty? He went on to say that the death penalty as it is too wimpy (crucifixion is cool, and so is being boiled in oil - upside down!). If this country were smart about criminals, he feels, it would wall off four squared states (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas), drop one type of hardened criminal in each state (hardcore sex offenders, psychotics, drug dealers, murderers), and supply each group with everything they wanted. Gates connecting each state would be opened for a few seconds every month. Not only would the weak be killed off (because only the meanest would make it through the gates), but you could put up cameras and set up a pay-per-view channel! Like I said, he's provocative.

Carlin next discussed stupid phrases everyone uses in conversation, but make little sense when you think about what you're saying. Following that was a outline of different types of, shall we say, breaking wind (on the list was the segmented "shopping mall" fart). He continued by telling of the travails of his pets, concentrating on his dog who, thanks to a limited diet, has had a little too much amputated (I'll put it this way - several bodily functions have been impaired). He finished by discussing his "Seven Words", which have since become a de facto guideline for the FCC, and his project to compile all the dirty phrases in current use. Sure enough, for sale at the show were both shirts and posters with an "incomplete list" of 2,443 dirty words, separated into categories such as "Fornication", "The Toilet, "Male Genitals", etc.

Carlin's humor is not for everybody. Trust me, if you are offended easily (by cursing, dirty humor, or anything else), then he is definitely not for you. Additionally, a lot of his humor is physical, with different gestures and voices, which I can't do justice to in this article. But if you can take it, his act is something you should certainly catch. It's great stuff.


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