November 3, 1995



Stingers may take students to the Omni

The Georgia Tech Coliseum, which houses the Jackets' home basketball games, is not scheduled to be completed before the first game. Because no other gym on campus is large enough, the first few basketball games will be held at the Omni. To encourage student support, transportation for students to and from the Omni may be available.
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Stinger to the Omni

The renovations at Alexander Memorial Coliseum have provided the Athletic Association with an opportunity to give something back to the students. The AA should fund Stinger buses to shuttle rabid Tech basketball fans to the Omni for displaced men's basketball games. Students could feel that their athletic fees actually were going for something useful.
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Campus Life

Burly Bear Network invades GTCN

Matt Fry, star of TV's Half Baked which is shown on GTCN, was in the Student Center last Thursday and Friday, October 26 and 27th.
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DramaTech presents an emotional Equus

DramaTech Theatre is presenting Equus, Peter Shaffer's emotional drama of a troubled boy and the relationship he builds with horses. Equus is one of the most thoughtful and thoroughly absorbing plays that DramaTech Theatre has presented in some time.
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Easy win at Wake will come at right time for Tech

The Jackets hope to bounce back from last week's lackluster performance with a 1 p.m. game at Wake Forest. The hapless Demon Deacons (1-8, 0-6 ACC) will hopefully provide an elixir for what has ailed Tech the last two weeks.
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