Keep SAC Field as long as possible

SAC Field is a Tech institution. That large light green rectangle next to the Aquatic Center means a lot to many students. To some, it is an opportunity to compete in good sportsmanship and athletics. For others, skinned knees and ligament damage earned in friendly combat symbolize the SAC Field experience.

How fitting that the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) wants to take this away from students before the end of Winter Quarter intramurals.

From the beginning, ACOG led SAC to believe that it would need to take over the field on March 15, 1996. However, ACOG told contractors who will tearing out the field to install temporary bleachers that they could start on February 1, 1996.

ACOG clearly spoke out of both sides of its mouth on this issue. This may also be a case of ACOG's right hand not knowing what its left fist had agreed to.

Because SAC is such an integral part of student life, Tech must force ACOG to stand by its word. Tech should take as rigidly inflexible a stance on this issue as ACOG has on other issues that directly affect student life.

Tech students lead a particularly spartan existence. To take away the stress relief and camaraderie that intramurals provide is too much to ask.

Make the best of a bad situation

The West Campus parking crunch has reached an all-time high. By eliminating over 100 parking spaces from the tennis courts and surrounding area, more and more students are forced to park farther and farther away.

The Parking and Transportation Department could help out by providing a shuttle service for people in the outer lots. Dedicate a Stingerette to the cause, or redirect a Stinger route to pass directly by the lots and up to the central West Campus area. This will encourage legal parking and provide a much-needed service.

Construction/renovation update:

Yet another construction project has gone over. The infirmary renovations are just the latest to require more time than was allotted. When will it ever end?


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