Crusade wants level playing field

To the Editor:

Mark Noel's letter to the editor published Friday, October 20, contains some unfair and unwarranted criticism of Campus Crusade for Christ. The letter refers to an advertisement submitted to The Technique by Campus Crusade for Christ which was subsequently denied publication. The ad includes a photo of a man who states he is a former homosexual. Beside the picture is the story of how his life is different now that he has met Jesus Christ.

Most people who have seen the ad have found it atypical, but certainly not adversarial. This perspective, however, was restricted by The Technique from ever being published. (Ironically, an article written by the Campus Life Editor, Dan Prudhomme, on the adjacent page of the October 20 issue of The Technique was entitled "Everyone deserves free speech."

Campus Crusade for Christ has enjoyed a cooperative relationship with The Technique in the past. Unfortunately, the editors of The Technique have jeopardized this relationship. When the ad was refused, The Technique gave no explanation. Its only comment was, " come and get your ad and your money." Campus Crusade asked several times why the paper would not publish the ad, but The Technique remained silent. Only after 10 days did The Technique even state its position that the ad was "offensive to the Georgia Tech community."

Campus Crusade for Christ is simply asking for a level playing field when it comes to The Technique's policies. As in the example stated by Noel, The Technique allowed GALA to revise and edit its advertisements so that they could be published. Conversely Campus Crusade for Christ was not even given a timely reason for why their ad was rejected.

The sole intention of the Campus Crusade for Christ advertisement is to present an alternative to a homosexual lifestyle. With this non-threatening goal in mind, I am asking The Technique to reconsider its position and allow the publication of the ad.

Pete Ketterman
Box 326119

Editor's Note: Advertising falls under the realm of commercial, not free, speech.The GALA items in question were articles about an activity of a campus organization and not advertisements; the same coverage is available to any student organization.


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