LWellness Center advises students

By Swathi Nath
Campus Life Staff

While at Tech, most students will use the Student Health Center. However, many are not familiar with the Wellness Center which is located directly above the infirmary. While the Health Center deals with treating illness, the Wellness Center concentrates on prevention.

The Wellness Center has many programs that may interest students. One very popular program allows students to meet with a dietician, keep a food log, and learn how to eat a healthier meal based on their specific lifestyle. The sessions lasts 50 minutes and the cost is $25.

When designing these informational programs, the Wellness Center tries to relate them to the happenings of the month. For example, in October and November, students can have a cholesterol test for $13.

The week of October 13 is Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. A variety of programs dealing with alcohol education, as well as educators to make presentations to fraternities, sororities, and other interested student organizations, will be available.

Another program initiated by the Wellness Center is called "fit stops." These "stops" are booths set up to test students' body fat, blood pressure, and flexibility. The booths are free of charge, and students are advised to take advantage of these tests because it will enable them to improve their college lifestyle.

The Wellness Center has materials on many topics, from nutrition to sex and STDs. Students have easy access to pamphlets, magazines, and other information that can be used for reports and especially health classes. There are also computers that have programs to test your knowledge on specific topics.

In order to make some of these programs more appealing, the staff of the Wellness Center has begun a class taught by peer educators. These "educators" are current Tech students who are interested in teaching about health-related topics. This class teaches students how to effectively organize health education so that more students will become active. This class will probably be offered in the winter. Students can volunteer to be a peer educator by contacting the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center is sponsoring contests intended to get students more involved. One is a poster contest centered around the slogan "Moderation, not Regurgitation." The purpose is to emphasis drinking in moderation, not to the point of sickness. Posters should be submitted by October 24. The top two will be awarded a $50 first place prize and a $25 second place prize.

The second contest is still being planned. It involves planning an activity with no alcoholic beverages. The student organization that can plan the best alcohol-free activity will receive $500 as well as having the activity paid for by the Wellness Center. Deadlines for entries will probably be around the end of this quarter. A winner will be chosen and the activity will take place during Winter Quarter.

Heather Hepler, a health educator at the Wellness Center, explains that the Center's main goal is "to get the students involved." They hope that by offering these programs and prizes, more students will want to participate and exercise caution and think about the choices that they make. So, get your favorite organization together and start planning! Who knows? Maybe your club will be the one to win the $500!

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