April 19, 1996



Stolen car chase ends with a crash

A high-speed automobile chase last Friday ended with a collision like one seen in the movies, with the car flipping over and coming to a stop on the sidewalk. Several Tech students witnessed the event--one Tech researcher was actually hit.
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Ferst needs a new Clyde Bump

For those who have joined theTech community since 1992, a brief history lesson is in order. There once was a man named Clyde Robbins,and he was the associate Vice President for Facilities. During his tenure Clyde was among the most notorious men on campus, for he was responsible for most of Tech's irritating attempts at campus beautification. Perfectly good sidewalks inlaid with bricks--that was Clyde's idea. Chains were strung along the sidewalk at the behest of Clyde. Hence, such lovely, usesless encumbrances came to be called Clyde Chains and Clyde Bricks and Clyde other things.
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Campus Life

CultureFest '96 seizes community

For the past 12 years, time has been set aside to share and experience the different cultures on the Tech campus. This year's CultureFest is a week-long celebration beginning on April 28, and ending on May 5.
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Cafe Intermezzo is a good place to relax

People, especially college students, are always looking for a place to go. Whether it be a restaurant, bar, club, or what have you, they always look for some place to socialize. The most successful places allow their patrons to communicate, think, and relax. Cafe Intermezzo specializes in all three.
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Beesball team dumps UNC-Asheville...twice

The Georgia Tech baseball team traveled to Wake Forest for a three-game series that featured a Yellow Jacket scoring derby sandwiched between two pitching duels. The 14th-ranked Yellow Jackets were looking to make ground in the ACC on Florida State and Clemson but fell victim twice in three days to woes at the plate.
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