Tradition meets technology

By Simit Shah
Sports Editor

The tradition surrounding Georgia Tech athletics has always been proud and abundant, but the reaches of Tech sports have now encompassed the Internet.

Since the continuing explosion of the Internet, and especially the World Wide Web, has spawned sites on just about everything, it didn't take long for Tech fans to find a home--appropriately named The Hive.

Mike Greenberg from San Raphael, California operates the site, which focuses primarily on football recruiting. The Hive went online last October, but traffic was light initially. Greenberg even considered shutting down the site early on.

However, when Greenberg added the message board to The Hive, Tech fans flocked to discuss the latest sports news about their favorite school.

"Once the message board feature was in place however, everything began to pick up," said Greenberg. "The message board offers GT fans a place to converse over hot topics in GT athletics."

Topics revolve primarily around football and basketball, but the discussion often takes tangents. The core group of posters are die hard fans from around the country that go by nicknames like Techbert, Profiler, Killer Bee, and Stinger J.

The board has also attracted some regulars from inside the Athletic Association.

Director of football operations Tim O'Leary started visiting the site back in the fall, stumbling across the site while looking for recruiting information. He has the site bookmarked and visits once every day or two, and he occasionally posts under the moniker BeeKeeper.

"I limit my responses to factual and informational-type stuff," said O'Leary. "The NCAA has strict guidelines about commenting on recruiting and other matters."

Although Coach George O'Leary, referred to as Big Bee, doesn't have a computer, Tim prints out interesting posts and passes them along to him. BeeKeeper predicts that Big Bee will be a regular visitor once he gets the hang of surfing the Internet.

One of the most frequent posters is offensive lineman Ken Celaj, who has reached cybercelebrity status on the board. The senior checks in several times a day and fields questions on a regular basis.

"[I post] whenever there's something interesting or when someone has a question," said Celaj. "Sometimes people are wrong, so since I have insight because I'm a player, I try to let people know what's happening with the team."

Currently, Celaj is taking suggestions for his new tatoo. He also has the site bookmarked in the AA computer lab, and he has gotten a few of his teammates hooked on the site as well.

Greenberg plans to "drastically" improve the site over the next few months. He predicts the site will be completely redone by June 15.

So if you're interested in the latest rumor about recruiting, or want to take a few shots at the lowly Bulldogs, visit The Hive at http://clever.net/bwars/tech.


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