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We want—er, need your blood

By Katie Grove
Assistant Campus Life Editor

The devastating rash of tornados that sliced through North Georgia recently depleted not only food and water supplies, but American Red Cross blood supplies, as well. The severe weather left behind numerous victims in desperate need of blood donations, forcing hospitals near the destruction to request emergency blood shipments. Now, the Red Cross is turning to the Georgia Tech community for help. Representatives from the Red Cross will be on campus taking donations on April 21-23 in the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts.
Georgia Tech has a long and proud history of support for American Red Cross blood drives. Every time the Red Cross has had a need for donations, Tech students and faculty have responded with enthusiasm.
"Georgia Tech blood donors have earned a place in the hearts of thousands of recipients and their friends and family," wrote Red Cross Assistant Director of Donor Recruitment Richard Feliciano in a letter to the Student Center Programs Area and MOVE (Mobilizing Opportunities for Volunteer Experience) office.
In his letter, Feliciano praises the MOVE office and the Co-Op club for their outstanding recruitment efforts in past. Feliciano points out that Tech donors understand the importance of donating blood before a crisis like the recent one in North Georgia.
"[Georgia Tech donors] do not know how, when, or where their gift will save a life. They only know that it will. I have seen no other organization during my brief time in Atlanta that supports this idea through its actions more than [Georgia Tech]," writes Feliciano.
Blood donations are vital for several reasons. A donation from a single Tech student can be separated into red cells, platelets, and plasma to aid a variety of people from accident victims to cancer and leukemia patients to burn victims. Approximately four million people require blood from donors every year. The Red Cross needs donations from healthy people who are at least 17 years old and weigh 110 pounds or more.
On-campus blood drives are one of the best ways for Tech students and faculty to contribute to their community. For more information about Georgia Tech blood drives, prospective donors can contact the MOVE office at 894-2002.

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