April 10, 1998


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* Parking Office initiates major changes
* The Buzz Card proves to be more than an I.D.
* GBI search is underway for fugitive who frequents Tech
* News briefs
* Career Services implements changes
* Greeks connect to the Internet
* Public Policy receives thumbs-up from U.S. News
* Center Street vandalism leads to registration holds
* GTPD searches for offender
* UC Berkeley gets rid of affirmative action
* Summer '99 to provide a preview of semesters

* Consensus Editorials
* Jason Waymire - Easter in America, 1998
* Charlie Smith - Re-examining US foreign policy
* Master plan process inadequate
* Tech should help end sweatshop practices
* Parking suggestions
* GT Parking should get its act together; parkers should be considerate

* Beesball takes pair from Dawgs
* NIT excitement hits ThrillerDome
* Track teams geared for stretch run
* Softball ends skid with win over Ga. Southern
* Sports briefs
* Football kicks off spring practice
* Tennis teams keep busy

Campus Life
* Buzz Around Campus
* 'Conspiracy Theory'—Has pro-UGA (sic) propaganda caused decline in submitted Tech applications?
* Need a break? Play 'Mad Libs' with the 'Nique
* Beware...the researchers are coming...
* We want—er, need your blood
* Tech was talking—in 1958
* Ramblins * Ramblins * Ramblins
* SRS seeks postgraduates for research positions
* Spike Lee's '4 Little Girls,' to be shown next week, encourages diversity and racial understanding
* Colleges not solely to blame for alcoholic teens
* Tech was talking—in 1958
* Tech Up Close

* 'The Newton Boys' stick 'em up
* Scott Weiland has the blues
* Pass on the Ids
* Be swooned by Jamie Blake
* Review Cornucopia
* The Coens' gutterball
* DiFranco mixes styles, instruments on new LP
* Are you sure this is jazz?
* Superchunk wants to give you the funk

Non Sequitur
off the mark

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