Parking Office initiates major changes
Committee recommends installation of gates

By Holland Alday
News Staff

Josh Auzins
The addition of gated parking lots, which will be in place by Fall, will prevent illegal parking on campus.

The Tech community has witnessed a large number of parking changes since last year. According to John Nolte, Director of Parking, students should plan to see many more changes in the upcoming quarters.
For example, students will see the installation of a number of new gated lots. These gated lots are slated to go into service by next fall quarter.
The lots which are scheduled to be gated include the Student Center Deck, Peters Parking Deck, the A11 and A12 lots behind the Physics building, the Curran Street Deck, and the parking along Plum Street near the College of Computing.
The installation of gates is partly intended to keep people without permits from parking in on-campus parking, which has become quite a problem.
According to Nolte, a frequent complaint that the parking office hears is that parking spaces are being taken by cars without permits.
"We think that this will go a long way toward protecting those areas for the people that are actually assigned into them," said Nolte.
Another change that is under consideration is the installation of parking meters at selected sights around campus.
The purpose of these meters will be to increase turnover rate in areas of heavy demand and to provide easily identifiable visitor parking.
The Parking Office is considering installing meters along sections of Ferst Drive in front of SAC, near the Student Center, and near the Physics building.
In addition to these areas, the installation of meters is also being considered for the part of 4th Street behind the library and Bobby Dodd Way east of Techwood Drive.
The Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, which was recently formed, has discussed these proposed changes and recommended that the installation of gates and meters should move ahead as planned.
Another idea which was presented to the committee involves a change in the hours that parking regulations are enforced in residential lots.
Currently, zone restrictions are enforced in residential lots from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.
The proposed changes would change the hours of enforcement to 4 p.m. to 7 a.m., which means that enforcement would occur mainly at night.
The change in enforcement hours is designed to ensure that students with a residential permit will be able to park in a residential area at night.
The change in enforcement hours has also been approved by the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee.
Another proposed change is the paving of the parking lots behind Eighth Street apartments and Woodruff. Although the paving of these lots is scheduled for some time in the future, no definite date has been set.

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