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By Holland Alday
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Alexander Bahr
John Hannabach, Director of Career Services, refers to the upcoming changes in Career Services as "a tremendous improvement" over previous systems.

The Career Services Office is currently implementing three new technology-based systems to aid students in finding jobs, according to John Hannabach, Director of Career Services.
Hannabach said all of these systems were aimed at allowing students "to do virtually everything [they] want to do with Career Services through the Internet."
"[The new systems] are a tremendous improvement over what we had before," continued Hannabach.
The first new system, called Jobs for Jackets, is an Internet-based service that replaces the old GTTSS diskette-based job search system.
The Jobs for Jackets system allows students to post personal information and their resume. In addition, students can schedule interviews with companies coming to campus.
The system is also accessible by employers, who can search for students that meet their needs.
With the advent of this new system, employers and the Career Services office will be doing most of their communication with students via E-mail.
As of last Wednesday, the system is available for all students seeking full-time or part-time jobs as well as those looking for internships.
Hannabach anticipates that students seeking co-op jobs and alumni will be able to use the system starting Fall Quarter. He hopes all students will register with this new system.
The Jobs for Jackets Web site can be found by going to the Career Services Web page ( and following the link to student section. The Jobtrak link will take you to the Jobs for Jackets system.
First-time users should enter their full e-mail address as their username and "Ecareers" as their password.
Another new system available for student use is the KeyLink system, which will enable students to search for employers who meet certain criteria.
Although the system does not have information on specific job openings, it does contain over 20,000 employers.
The KeyLink system is currently located in the Career Services Library in the Student Success Center.
However, Hannabach hopes to have the KeyLink system accessible from the Internet by fall quarter.
By this time, the system will have been expanded to include over 200,000 employers.
The third system, being developed by Career Services in conjunction with Success Programs, will enable students to construct a CD-ROM portfolio of their career and personal interests and information.
Students will be able to include video and audio clips in this portfolio.
The portfolio system will also allow a student to include information from a few commonly used psychological profiles.
This system, developed by Digital Discoveries of Atlanta, is located on a workstation in Career Services and is available for student use.
Students wishing to arrange a time to use this system should contact the Career Services Office at 894-2550.

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