April 17, 1998


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* Sophomore sensation finishes even
* Board of Regents gives IAC restructuring a nod
* Blueprint takes top honors at media convention
* News briefs
* Women's Resource Center will hold Grand Opening
* Marriott brings changes to campus dining
* GTPD officials use radar gun to nab speeding drivers
* Tech terminates contract with WCNN and Ring Radio
* Internet 2 network is on the 'cusp of reality'

* Consensus Editorials
* Greg Scherrer - Dry housing...it's Greek to me
* Mindy Wiggins - Who is this Kuchar guy, anyway?
* Parking Director gives explanation
* Different theory of parking violation
* Family housing needs network access
* Inexplicable Star Parker
* Response to Easter in America—the meaning and relevance of the cross

* Beesball sweeps SE Missouri St.
* GT Rowing club garners first ever ACC championship to continue winning ways
* Intramural team wins tourney
* High-profile point guard star from New York City to join Lady Jackets this fall
* Jackets well represented at PGA Masters
* Water polo seeks win at Aquatic Center tourney
* Sports briefs
* Softball grabs two ACC wins

Campus Life
* Buzz Around Campus
* Pump yourself up at the Barbell Club
* Earth Day '98: Vulcan death grips not required
* Collegians work too hard to graduate on time
* Who says Greeks are bastions of evil?
* Ramblins
* Cleaning apartments for the underprivileged
* New toy! New toy! Except its kinda old...and expensive
* Tech Up Close

* Baboon's in control
* Talking Parrot? Its A-Paulie-ing!
* This Train is one you'll want to catch
* It's Eddie's band now
* Trackstars with cellos
* The Two Bits Guide to Everyday Living
* The Specials make Special Ska
* Everything you need
* Brim full of what?

Non Sequitur
off the mark

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