April 23, 1999


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  • Bill of Rights status parked for now
  • Inadequate records leave AASU unsure of financial state
  • Nolte vacates Parking position to pursue 'other avenues of interest'
  • Replacement for interim alcohol policy waiting on approval from the President
  • News briefs
  • USG has quick meeting in new location
  • Naked Milers run all over University of Michigan
  • Editorials
  • OUR VIEWS Consensus Opinion
  • Student should keep sexual morals to himself
  • Reasons for attending Tech nobody's business
  • Students ambivalent towards classes, professors
  • Babies tell us a lot about Earth Day importance
  • No need for IDs in Mac labs
  • Anonymous Honor Code letter counterproductive
  • Tech Rugby important, too
  • ATO not to be pitied, but further punished
  • Sports
  • Golf team cruises to ACC championship
  • Tennis teams headed to Norcross for ACC Tourney
  • Ugly losses drop beesball to third in the ACC
  • Football team to complete spring practice this weekend
  • Swim Honors
  • 1999 Georgia Tech Football Schedule
  • Tech, Vanderbilt to resume series
  • Softball team continues to struggle falling to 20-30 on the year
  • Eight Tech seniors make NFL rosters
  • NCAA Rules O'Leary Infraction a Secondary Violation
  • King and Megesi dominate at ACC Outdoor Championships
  • Campus Life
  • Culture - not for petri dishes and bio lab
  • What's scattered, smothered and open at 3 a.m..?
  • Students look to Spain for lessons in engineering, culture
  • Culture Fest Schedule
  • Coming soon to Campus Life
  • Arts coming to our village this month
  • April showers bring...May hay fever?
  • Senator Coverdell speaks to students
  • Community Service Spotlight
  • Join the 'Nique. All Sections are looking for help.
  • Buzz Around Campus
  • Entertainment
  • Phantom Menace: Is that a Star Wars movie?
  • Tom Petty not ready for that 'Last Dance'; Still going at it with 'Echo'
  • Spaghetti Warehouse perfect for Tech students
  • 'Life' will give you a laugh; don't look for any more
  • Music Midtown: Coming to Atlanta next weekend
  • Internet music made easier by 'Rio' portable player
  • Calendar Buzz
  • Matt Sharp and 'The Rentals' have an all-star collection for the ear
  • ....Two Bits
  • Humor
    Dave Barry
    Non Sequitur

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