Undergrad VP resigns

May 28, 1999

"I never meant any harm or disgrace to Student Goverment, the Student Body, or the Institute itself."
-Michael Johnson
Former Undergraduate Vice President

Undergraduate Student Body Vice President Michael Johnson resigned from his office Tuesday. His letter of resignation is printed below. USC will nominate and select a replacement vice president. The next meeting is currently scheduled for Fall Semester. Johnson's Letter of Resignation Dear Students,
It is with my deep regret that I must resign as Undergraduate Student Body Vice President. I have been serving as Vice President this past quarter while ineligible. My biggest regret is that I did not admit to this weeks ago when I first became aware of my ineligibility. I never meant any harm or disgrace to Student Government, the Student Body, or the Institute itself. I remained silent on this issue in order to protect the newly elected Council as well as my position. At no time did I reach an agreement with anyone to keep this hidden. My actions should not reflect upon the policies, procedures, or ethics of your Student Government. I have failed the student body and this Institute. For that, I am truly sorry.
I have only two wishes from you now. One, I ask for your forgiveness as I relinquish my duties. Second, I hope that we all can learn from my mistake. I think we should use this situation to look at our own moral and ethical conduct in everything we do. In the wake of a failed USG bill that addressed campus leadership and ethics, I encourage all students, faculty, and administrators to work together in order to create a forum where this very thing may be discussed. Having already learned a great deal from this experience, I am open for any discussion on this issue. As someone who truly wants to make this campus a better place. I will continue to look for solutions to problems facing this campus. Only now, it will not be as your vice president.

Michael G. Johnson

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