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Council Clippings: House
House debates its reapportionment

By Jody Shaw
News Editor
March 15, 2002


At-Large Senator Daniel Lane discusses a resolution at the Feb. 26 meeting of UHR. The resolution asked for permission to allow non-student voting officers in the Yellow Jacket Flying Club. The House failed the bill, and the Senate followed suit this week.

The Undergraduate House of Representatives met for nearly three hours on Tuesday evening, and, during that time it passed a number of financial bills.

The first controversial bill provided funding to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Student-Faculty Committee. The group is holding an educational event in Perry, GA for middle school students to learn about science and technology. The money the group requested from SGA was to purchase two different types of learning kits for the students.

Some of the representatives questioned whether or not such a bill was an appropriate use of student activity fees. Other representatives questioned whether or not the appropriation should come from the Undergraduate Legislative Reserve account or from the Capital Outlay account. Normally ULR is used to fund undergraduate-only activities, while the Capital Outlay account is used to purchase items that will last over three years, like these kits; these bills must pass both the Senate and House. The representatives decided that since only undergraduates were participating in the event, the ULR account was the appropriate one from which to draw. Eventually the bill passed.

Management Representative Andrew Keen authored the other two highly discussed bills of the evening. The first provided money for the Panhellenic Association to rent the Ferst Center for its Greek Chic Fashion Show. Though SGA normally refrains from funding events that could be considered philanthropy, the House decided that it could make an exception for a student group to rent the Ferst Center. The other bill was not an allocation for a student organization, but rather a resolution. The bill designated the MOVE Office and President's Council tier two organizations according to Joint Finance Committee policies. Tier two organizations differ from other student organizations because their budgets are larger and they do not have to charge their members dues. Some representatives felt that President's Council was too young of an organization that only acted as a communication body rather than a governing board, but other representatives argued that President's Council could accomplish much if given the opportunity. Eventually, the measure was approved.

A dramatic moment occurred at the end of the evening when AE Representative Brian George motioned to extend the deadline for students to turn in applications to run for UHR positions. There was an argument about whether or not reopening elections required a simple or two-thirds majority. In the end, the motion did not get the required two-thirds majority; therefore, the elections remained closed.

Bills Considered Joint Allocation to Chinese Culture Fest. Author: Allan Coye: passed Allocation to the ECE Stu. Faculty Comm. Author: William Asher, III: passed Allocation to Woodstock Music Festival Author: Stephen Popick: passed Allocation to Phi Psi Textile Fraternity Author: Joe Woodall, Billy Dondero: passed Allocation to Student Construction Comm. Author: Daniel Kim: passed Allocation to Panhellenic Author: Andrew Keen: passed Joint Allocation to GT Culture Festival Author: Brad Bolton: passed Joint Allocation to Ind. Design Society Author: Justin Colton: passed Joint Resolution to MOVE Author: Andrew Keen: passed Ammendment to UHR Bylaws Author: Brian George: passed Ammendments to UHR Bylaws Author: Michael Handelman: passed
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