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Beyond the White and Gold
The rest of sports bests

By John Parsons
Senior Staff Writer
April 18, 2003

With this whole "Best of Tech" issue thingy, I didn't have any writer's block problems this week. It was pretty obvious that I could just do a "Best of..." thing for non-Tech sports.

So, as one last dose of my sports ramblings, here is the best of non-Tech sports.

Best Championship Team: Anaheim Angels

These guys, as the D-backs before them, get major bonus points for beating the Yankees.

The rally monkey and the (often annoying) thundersticks added to the atmosphere of the games.

Last year's World Series was the only championship where I wished I could have been there.

Best Sports Moment: Roddick vs. El Aynaoui, US Open Quarterfinal fifth set

Okay, so it's kind of cheating to pick like five hours as a "moment."

(In my defense, I, unlike MLB, am not trying to tell you that Ichiro's entire rookie year is one moment.)

No other event in the past year came close to this level of drama, though.

There were countless chances for both men to win the match and it wasn't that either was choking.

Rather, whoever was on the ropes would just bounce back with some brilliant net play, a return winner, whatever. This was high drama.

Best Athlete: Barry Bonds, San Fransisco Giants

I don't really like the guy.

Truthfully, I don't think he wants to be liked, but I have to respect how incredible he was last year (and the year before, of course).

It's simply amazing the way he can stay ready to turn on every fastball he sees, with pitchers walking him a record number of times.

Best Coach: Herm Edwards, New York Jets

Edwards gets the nod here for the way the Jets suddenly came together late last season and made a run into the playoffs.

When they got hot, Edwards had them spanking any inferior opponents and even knocking off opponents that seemed to have them overmatched.

The Jets just generally seemed well-prepared and made the most of any breaks that came their way-both signs of a well-coached team.

Well, those are the four major "Bests" as I see it in any given year.

Any more and you're begging for a painfully long, four-hour show with female athletes looking really uncomfortable in high heels and plenty of celebrity cameos. Wait, that's the Espys.

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