Use the tower

The new "official logo" for Georgia Tech is out. (See related story page 3.) It battles head-on with the evil forces who try to give our fine Institute the nondescript name of "University." The text in the logo looks good, but the abstract campanile has to go.

Someone in the administration has overestimated the importance of the campanile. While it does occupy one of the most prominent spots on campus, it is still too young to have garnered the position of symbol for our letterhead. The rendition of the campanile on the logo makes the shaft look like a stylized version of an obscene gesture, as if Tech is flicking off the world.

For many years, the tower atop the administration building has been the most recognizable feature of campus. It sits atop the nerve center of the Institute. From across I-75/85 and from North Avenue, it shines out in the night sky, reminding the city and the state that Tech is here providing high quality professionals to the working world. Many would argue that even with the steel monstrosity residing behind the student center, the Tech Tower retains its position as the architectural feature on campus that instills the most pride in students and faculty.

For these reasons, we think a drawing of the Tech Tower would be a far better graphic for the new set of logos. At the very least it should be included as an option, as the seal of the Institute is now.

Perhaps the campanile would look better as a spike out of the front of football players' helmets, all the better to impart unto others of Tech the true meaning of the word "shaft."

Congrats to new SGA officers

By the time this paper hits campus, you will have new officers for your Student Government. Officers and representatives: congratulations one and all. Always remember during the term of your office that in a greater sense, you represent the entire student body, not just the specific groups you were a part of before you were elected.

February is Black History month

Now is your chance to enrich yourself about a very important segment of the US population. February has been designated Black History month. All students should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to broaden their knowledge and their capacity for understanding.


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