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PC hits the fan

There has been a massive outcry from students and alumni over the past week following a suggestion that 'Ramblin' Wreck' be revised with political correctness in mind. Changing the school song was not the only, or the most important, Diversity Task Force recommendation. It was, to judge from the response, the most radical and controversial. Director of Diversity Stephanie Ray stated that she wanted feedback on the recommendations; her wish has been granted.
In contrast to other recent controversies, responses have come from the individual level rather than from organizations. The Technique has been inundated by Letters to the Editor from both alumni and current students. If the sentiments expressed in these letters are representative of the student and alumni body as a whole, the recommendation to bowdlerize the school song has been met with overwhelming scorn.
Feedback on this issue has come in an appropriate and timely manner, i.e. before any official action was taken. It is encouraging to see students and alumni come out of their customary shells and voice a response to a public issue in time to impact a decision.
The firestorm elicited by the threat to politically correct "Ramblin' Wreck" could yet have a positive impact. The interest generated should be used as a starting point for a public discussion on the validity and desirability of the other Diversity Task Force recommendations, of which there were 26.

College of Management...

Ongoing negotiations concerning the establishment of a College of Management show signs of promise. The current discussion indicates that there will be a 'revenue-neutral' split. That is, no school in the Ivan Allen College will have its budget sideswiped.
If this is the case, it is difficult to find losers in such an arrangement. A stand-alone College of Management would theoretically gain more national credibility, and perhaps faculty hiring and student recruiting advantages. The rest of the Ivan Allen Schools would be able to maintain current levels of instruction.
Just do it—preferably in time to prepare for the semester conversion.

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