Roll over Wierd Al; make room for Bob Rivers

By Jamie Brazee
Entertainment Staff

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***: Best of Twisted Tunes is Bob Rivers' follow-up album to Twisted Christmas trilogy.
Most people have heard such works like "What if God Smoked Cannabis?" and "Wrong Foot Amputated," but few listeners identify these songs with Bob Rivers and his twisted friends. Along with his coworkers from Seattle's morning radio, Rivers has recreated some of yesterday's and today's most popular tunes. Unlike the more recognized Weird Al, Rivers takes care not only to replay the original music with his own instruments, but he also goes to great lengths to impersonate the singers themselves.
Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand would laugh themselves silly if they heard "You Don't Smell Like Flowers," and Soundgarden would get a real kick out of "Asshole Son." Fortunately, Rivers doesn't just write silly remakes; many of his songs like "Hello, I Love You (Let's Get Tested for AIDS)" attack current social issues.However Bob Rivers truly shines with his blatant parodies of today's greatest stories. In addition to "Officer Fuhrman" and "O.J.'s Trial Thing"—both on Best of Twisted Tunes, Vol. 2—Rivers recently released "I Can't Ski, Babe" and "Media Killed the Royalty Star."
Audiences may be reluctant to accept the up-and-coming Bob Rivers, but he is definitely here to stay. Though some of his lyrics are a little silly, the majority of his tunes are exceptionally well done, and his impressions are amazing. Rivers even has a web site (http://www.twistedtunes.com) where he posts Real Audio versions of nearly every one of his songs. Make room on your throne, Weird Al; Bob Rivers is on his way. <

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