February 13, 1998


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* Management split: a 'revenue-neutral' move
* Ray: changing song low on list of priorities
* Student Center Ballroom receives facelift this spring
* News briefs
* SGA aims for high turnout in upcoming elections
* GTPD releases crime statistics from last year
* UVA students put up a fight for rush rights
* Registration nightmare will not repeat this quarter
* 'T' thieves face the music
* Consensus Editorials
* Jason Waymire - How do we explain humanity?
* Alum pronounces verdict on fight song changes
* Revised "Ramblin' Wreck" versions
* One more PC version of "Ramblin' Wreck"
* Whither Two Bits???
* Letter misrepresented ReJOYce
* Ramblins' man favors tradition
* Think twice about changing traditions
* A call to unity for the fans of The Great Jason Floyd
* More PC revisions

* Jackets fall to UNC in double-OT thriller
* Beesball team struggles out of the gate
* Lady Jackets drop to 2-11 in ACC play
* Sports Briefs
* Swimming drowns at Clemson
* Track team dominates at Florida meet
* Managers labor behind the scenes

Campus Life
* Need a place to hang out?
* FBtF seeks to widen appeal
* Founder's Day celebrates vision that began Tech
* Study in Oxford unique experience
* Purloined Tiki 'Bob, the big wooden head' visits Tech
* National Engineers Week comes to Tech

* Mmm...Leftover Salmon
* Eddie's Attic hosts Make-A-Wish benefit jam
* The Vortex doesn't suck
* Update your ideas about Norm MacDonald
* Roll over Wierd Al; make room for Bob Rivers
* Is 'Titanic' as good as it gets?

Non Sequitur
off the mark
3-D Dilbert

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