Ray: changing song low on list of priorities
Diversity Forum receives many recommendations, recommends prioritizing Task Force's list

By Mindy Wiggins
News Editor

Carrie Chin
Stephanie Ray served as Chair of the Diversity Task Force, which recommended the fight song change.

In the past week, a great deal of talk on campus has centered around the issue of changing the school song, "The Ramblin' Wreck." The Diversity Forum, in a meeting on Wednesday evening, discussed this issue when it was presented with a final set of recommendations from the Diversity Task Force.
The idea of altering the school song was originally brought up in a preliminary set of recommendations that were made by the Diversity Task Force. This particular recommendation, along with 26 other suggestions, remained in the final report that was presented by the Task Force to the Diveristy Forum.
The Diversity Forum will review the set of recommendations and determine future courses of action. The Forum also reviews recommendations from the other four task forces which were established for the diversity cause.
In Wednesday's meeting, the primary topic of discussion was the issue of the school song. The Forum recognized the emotional attachments that many people have with the traditional school song, and were conscientious of the vast amount of attention that the issue has received lately.
The Forum came to the conclusion that the recommendations of the task force should be prioritized. As it currently stands, all 27 suggestions appear to be of equal importance. Members of the task force and the Forum recognize the fact that some recommendations should take priority over others. This prioritization, according to Stephanie Ray, Chair of the Diversity Task Force, would place the school song alterations low on the list.
Ray said that, if the recommendations were ranked on a scale of one to ten, with 1 being the least likely to recieve attention, changing the school song would probably receive a negative ten.
"It might be better if we put our efforts and energies elsewhere," said Bill Osher, Diversity Forum member.
Some of the other issues that are included in the set of recommendations from the Task Force involve creating a diversity Web page, starting an awards system for those who work towards creating diversity, and creating orientation programs which focus on "diversity issues."
According to Dean of Students Gail DiSabatino, who does not serve on the Diversity Forum or the Diversity Task Force, "we are losing sight of what is really important in that document."
DiSabatino personally opposes a change in the school song.
"In the grand scheme of things, this is insignificant, considering everything else that really needs to be done. If students want to do something about the song, I would be more likely to consider it, but I'm not seeing that right now," continued DiSabatino.

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