Student Center Ballroom receives facelift this spring

By Holland Alday
News Staff

Alexander Bahr
Renovations will be made to the Student Center Ballroom which will allow the area to seat 600 people.

The Student Center Ballroom is scheduled to undergo extensive renovations starting April 7, according to Rich Steele, director of the Student Center.
The renovations should be completed by the beginning of August, with some minor finishing work to continue throughout August.
The main goal of the renovation project is to allow the ballroom to seat 600 people for a banquet or 900 for a lecture. In addition, dividers will be added, which will allow the ballroom to be split into two separate rooms.
These renovations will be accomplished by eliminating the permanent stage at the west end of the ballroom and extending the ballroom out to where the balcony is now.
In the future, temporary staging will be used for all events where it is required. Temporary staging will give increased flexibility in stage location, according to Steele.
During the renovations, the hardwood floors and wall finishings will be remodeled. A projection screen will be added, and the lighting, sound, and heating and air conditioning systems will be upgraded.
Additionally, a curved ceiling will be added to replace the current ceiling, which is flat.
"It is going to be a great-looking new facility," according to Steele.
Despite the numerous changes to the ballroom, there will not be any significant improvements to the electrical systems of the ballroom. Such improvements would require a massive overhaul of the wiring for the entire Student Center.
The improvements are needed because the Student Center, which was built in 1970, has never received any major renovations.
Funding for the renovations was secured from Auxiliary Services by July 7, 1997. After facing a myriad of state requirements, an architect was selected six months later.

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