Registration nightmare will not repeat this quarter

By Mindy Wiggins
News Editor

Josh Freeman
The Registrar's Office is expecting registration, which begins on February 18, to run smoothly this quarter.

As a result of last quarter's problems with registration, some students may be somewhat fearful of registration this quarter. According to Jo McIver from the Registrar's Office, things should be back to normal this quarter.
Last quarter, the Registrar's Office decided to hold registration early in the quarter. They also opted to condense the entire registration process in to three days. These decisions caused a multitude of problems among students.
Students were highly inconvenienced by the early registration date last quarter. Registration occured before Drop Day, and, as a result, during midterms. Many students, especially those who are not allowed to register until they seek academic advisement, did not have time to devote to the registration process.
The registration process was also complicated last quarter when the Registrar's Office decided to condense registration into three days. Students were forced to miss classes in order to register, and many students had problems getting into classes.
This quarter, the problem will be remedied, because the registration process will take place over a seven day period.
"Spreading it out over seven days should be a big help. We had a big problem last year with people registering too close together," said McIver.
The Registrar's Office attempted to change the process last quarter because they thought that the computer system could handle it.
"We thought that the system could handle it, and it couldn't. The system was really overloaded."
Registration for next quarter will begin on Februrary 18.
McIver describes last quarter's experience as "a learning experience."
"We have learned a lot about the nature of how students register," explained McIver.

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