'T' thieves face the music
Preserving tradition proves costly for pranksters

By Scott Lange
Assistant News Editor

Carrie Chin
The five students who collaborated in the stealing of the "T" last quarter faced over $12,000 in fines.

The quintet of students responsible for the heist of the "T" from the north face of the Tech Tower have released more information surrounding their theft.
The student involved were Hunt "Bo" McDannald, Will "Whitey" Moore, Justin "Bandit" Preyer, Scott "Pedro the Mexican Ninja" Serbin, and Jason "Boney" Brizzell. The five would-be burgalars were caught in the act on the night of November 6.
The culprits had already removed the "T" from the north face of the Tower, and were prepared to remove the other three when they were suprised by a GTPD patrol car.
As is customary in cases of stealing the "T," no criminal charges were filed. As previously reported, Georgia Tech Police Department reserves the right to press criminal charges anytime a student commits a crime.
All five individuals were charged with violations of the Student Conduct Code. The students' cases were handled administratively by Acting Senior Associate Dean of Students Dr. Scott Friedman.
According to the students, Dean Friedman elected to hold each student responsible for one fifth of the bill for repairs. The Georgia Tech Department of Facilities assessed the total cost of repairing damage done to the tower at $12,233.75, meaning each student owes $2,446.75.
The five individuals say they had planned their attempt in great detail. They had nearly severed the metal holding the three remaining "T"s, and had harnesses erected to remove them.
The students say they did not anticipate the severity of the sanctions handed down by Dean Friedman.
This incident was the first attempted "T" theft handled by Dean Friedman.
"T" thefts have been handled with more leniency in the past.

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