Why don't ladies go for nice guys??

To the Editor:
After years of study, there is one question that I cannot answer. Why do young ladies date guys that mistreat them and ignore others who would make them queens? I recently asked this to one of my female friends and she could not come up with an answer either.
You see them everywhere, couples walking around or sitting together somewhere. But do you see the man open doors for the lady? Do you see him hold her hand? Does he ever tell her how beautiful she is? No. The only time many guys do these things is when they are at some sort of formal event and do them just to show off. Too many guys do these things only because they expect something in return.
Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but I still believe women are special people. They are to be treated as equal, but put on a pedestal at the same time. Many girls complain of how aggravating their boyfriend is because he never does anything or ignores her. I ask: if he is like that, why stay with him?
There are plenty of guys out there who treat women wonderfully; there are also many that don't. It seems to me though that a number of guys who feel the same way I do never seem to have a "special" lady friend. Many of these guys are active in various groups, but they just don't connect with women that well. Many of them are rather shy towards girls out of a sense of respect and wonder. After getting to know a lady a bit though, they would open right up.
Ladies, if you are wondering whether or not there are guys like this out there, there are. We're the guys in your Calculus class that say hello everyday or the guys in your political science class who loan you our notes when you're gone. We're the guys in the dining hall who hand you a plate or hold the door for you in the Student Center. We might not say much at first, but we think a lot of you. Give us a chance, you might be surprised.

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