Nique's commentary on Ivan Allen-Management split misses the mark

To the Editor:
The Technique's coverage of the Ivan Allen College reorganization has shown a lack of vision and an almost complete misunderstanding of the true significance of this change for the future of Georgia Tech. Frankly, the centrality given to the Dupree School of Management within this process is consistently over stated.
Despite the position articulated from the President's office, The Technique continually remarks on the hiring advantages, the recruitment policies, and the national reputation of the Dupree School of Management. If we look at the comments from Mark Smith and President Clough, all of their remarks focus on the other degree programs within the Ivan Allen College.
If this lack of understanding could be dismissed as poor journalism on the part of The Technique's Editorial Board, I would be delighted to do so. However, I think that this misunderstanding is symptomatic of a larger problem on this campus—namely, a failure to realize the true significance of the other programs in the Ivan Allen College. Therefore, I will address this larger problem rather than lay blame on a handful of individuals.
Although Georgia Tech remains and always will remain primarily an engineering school, for almost a decade the Ivan Allen College (formed in 1990) has served to educate Tech students concerning the "technologically oriented aspects of the humanities and social sciences." There are six other degree-conferring programs within the Ivan Allen College, but too few Tech students are able to name any of them. This lack of familiarity is despite the fact that all engineering students are required to take classes taught by these programs to satisfy the basic requirements for graduation.
However, the reorganization of the Ivan Allen College provides as excellent opportunity for these programs to articulate their unique contributions to this campus under a unified college identity which was never possible before. In this sense, the importance of the stand-alone Dupree College of Management has been over stated. The truly exciting and dynamic forces in this reorganization are in the New Ivan Allen College and its increasing importance within the expanding identity of Georgia Tech.

Tobias Stanelle

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