High-level positions remain unoccupied

By Holland Alday
News Staff

Dale Russell
Marcia Rafig has been serving as the Interim Director of Housing since the position became vacant.

Currently, there are a number of vacant high-level administrative positions on Tech's campus that are in need of permanent replacements. Although these positions are currently staffed with acting directors, the need still exists to find individuals to occupy these positions on a permanent basis.
One such position is that of the Dean of Management. Currently, this position is occupied by Dr. Lloyd Byars, the acting dean.
Although Dr. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld had been selected to become the new dean, allegations of vandalism at Emory University caused Tech to revoke this recommendation. However, there has been no further action taken in the search for a permanent Dean of Management since the revocation.
In addition to the position of the Dean of Management, the position of Dean of the Ivan Allen College is also being filled on a temporary basis.
The delay in both of these cases is due to the proposed restructuring of the Ivan Allen College and the School of Management.
The restructuring would separate the School of Management from the Ivan Allen College. Should this happen, there would be significant changes in the duties of these positions.
Restructuring is also causing delays in the search for a permanent Vice President of External Affairs, which has been occupied on an interim basis by Barrett Carson since October of 1997.
A proposal to reorganize the Department of External Affairs is currently under consideration. Carson has stated that there is no timing pressure, but he "expects some action within the next 60 to 90 days."
Another search that is ongoing is one for the position of Senior Associate Dean of Students. Until recently, this position was filled by Dr. Carole Moore.
The search committee for this position, which is headed by Dean Gail DiSabatino, has been formed and has received resumes from 80 applicants. From this pool, the committee has selected 11 applicants who will be interviewed by phone, which should happen in a matter of weeks.
A permanent Director of Housing is also being sought following Terry Sichta's recent transfer. The position of Director of Housing is temporarily being filled by Marcia Rafig.
This search has been held off until the results from a study of the structure of the Housing department were received and examined. This study was undertaken by Coopers and Lybrand.
During the study, which started near the beginning of fall quarter, the management and operations of the Housing department were examined to ensure they were capable of functioning properly in the wake of the Olympic expansion.
The search committee for this position is being headed by Rosalind Meyers, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services.
According to Meyers, "We are just officially starting the search."
The search committee, which consists of a combination of students and administrators, has just been formed and will be meeting for the first time in the near future.

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