Get over headtrip, Management

To The Editor:
So there is nothing new under the sun. Less than a decade ago, there was a "College of Management" at Tech, but as part of the restructuring in 1989, the Management program was demoted.
This demotion was met with much gnashing of teeth by Management faculty, who feared a "reduction in stature." As fellow students put it at the time, "what stature?" Management, as a College or School, has always had a second class status at Tech.
As a Management graduate, I can tell you it will take more than restructuring to improve the Management program. Among Tech alumni, Management is the easy way out. When I meet fellow Tech alums, and they ask me what I majored in, there is a knowing look when I say "Management".
When I went looking for a job, having a Management degree from Tech was as useful as one from DeVry. My accomplishments outside the classroom earned me a job, not the words on my faux-sheepskin. I know others who graduated with me who tell similar stories about the lack of respect accorded their Management degrees.
How can recruiting using the name "Dupree College of Management" be any easier than under the "Ivan Allen College of Management and whatever" banner or under the previous "College of Management" title. The image problems of the program go back beyond the days when Management became just a school.
Perhaps the Management administration is just echoing the trend of American business. When there's a problem, restructure rather than focus on the problem. But, all Management graduates were taught in our course work about organizational behavior and theory. We were taught how, as managers, to work inside the organizational framework.
So the School of Management must work inside a budget with the other IAC schools. So do managers in the "real world." Real departments are not autonomous—you don't get to mold the organization to fit your needs or to give you "stature." Neither does the School of Management, or any other school, for that matter. Each Engineering school works inside a College framework. Why can't the Management School?

J. R. Gray, B.S. Mgmt.. '91

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