Let there be light at Bobby Dodd Stadium

By Jon Samon
News Staff

Josh Freeman
The lighting system replacement at Grant Field is, according to the Athletic Association, very essential.

A project is currently in the works to update the lighting system for Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The cables which carry the electricity throughout the stadium are in poor condition and are in need of replacement. Additionally, some of the other equipment at the stadium, including the fuses protecting the field lighting transformers, are obsolete. As a result, replacements for these pieces of equipment are no longer available.
Officials are currently planning to replace the old 4160 volt power distribution system with a new 20 kV system. This replacement would provide an option for an alternate source of electric supply to both the East and West Stands, as well as the Edge Building.
The project holds a great deal of importance. Under the current system, in the event of a wiring and feeder fail during a game, there would be a lengthy delay in restoring power to the stadium. In effect, such a failure would provoke the ending of a game.
The plan is also important because, as the result of switching from 4160 volts to 20 kV, the stadium will adhere to the broader plan of converting the entire campus to the 20 kV system.
Additionally, the lighting for Grant Field itself must be brought to better TV standards. For the 1997 season, the field lighting barely met the minimum requirements for televised games. To better meet the requirements, the plan will include the re-lamping and re-aiming of field lights.
According to Rauna Fuller, the Director of Administration and Facilities for GTAA, "the current field lighting hasn't been updated for a long period of time, possibly as long as 30 years."
The total completion date of the project is currently set for August 1, 1998. This date is more than a month before the Jackets' first home game of the 1998 season. An estimated cost could not be given in order to avoid tampering, as the bids are currently sealed.

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