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Honor Advisory Council seeks student leaders
The Honor Advisory Council is searching for dynamic student leaders to become honor advisors. Honor advisors are responsible for promoting awareness and educating the Tech community regarding the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code.
Membership in the Honor Advisory Council is both a high honor and responsibility. Membership offers the opportunity for various leadership roles and experiences.
Applications are available in Room 210 of the Student Services Building. They are also available at Applications must be in by Friday, February 13 at 5 p.m.
For more information, contact Melissa Byrd at gt5151c.

W-2 forms contain erroneous employer identification numbers
An error was discovered last week in the Employer's Identification Number on the employee's copy of the W-2 form. The Employer's Identification Number, located in block B on the W-2, should be 58-6002023.
The Internal Revenue Service has the correct Employer Identification Number for Georgia Tech. If your tax return and W-2 form are mailed to the IRS by you or your tax preparer, no corrective action is required.
If you are filing your tax return electronically or by telephone, the correct identification number must be entered. If your tax preparer files your return electronically, please provide a copy of this notice to your tax preparer.
If you experience any problems, please contact Beverly Edwards, Assistant Payroll Director at 894-4614 or at Carlton Basmajian can also be contacted at
H&R Block has been contacted about this error, and they indicated that all of their offices would accept this notice for electronic filing purposes.

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