'Taking a chance' in tunnel may prove risky

By Scott Lange
Assistant News Editor

Elizabeth Ruddock
A crime wave has swept Tech in the last month, with two tunnel muggings taking place during Winter Break.
Assailants robbed Tech students at gunpoint near the Third Street Tunnel on two occasions in the last month. No suspects have been identified or apprehended.
side of the tunnel on their way home to Towers Residence Hall. They were approached by four black males who were described as in their mid teens all of slender build, and all under five and a half feet tall.
According to statements given to police by the victims, one of the teens pointed an automatic at them and said "Give us your wallet, give us your money." After one of the students handed over his wallet, the robbers left in the direction of the Varsity.
A second tunnel mugging took place in the middle of the afternoon on December 13. A Tech student returning from the North Avenue MARTA Station attempted to go through the Third Street tunnel when he was stopped by a lone black gunman who demanded the student turn over his wallet.
When told that the six dollars in the wallet was all the student had, the mugger returned the wallet and searched the student's pockets. Finding no more money, the suspect told the student to "get out of here," and left the scene.
The victim in the second incident described the assailant as a black male teenager, slender build, and about five feet eight inches in height. The similarities between the descriptions of the suspect and the suspects from the earlier tunnel robbery have led to speculation that they may be related.
The safety of students walking through the tunnel has been open to question for some time. "I'm very concerned about the tunnel area because students and faculty use that tunnel every day," said Sergeant Randy Crawford of the GTPD.
"[The GTPD] tries to patrol both sides of the tunnel," explained Sergeant Crawford. "We try to keep an officer on foot in the South Campus area and we tell that officer to frequent the tunnel as much as he or she can--that deters (potential criminals) that would walk in to that tunnel.
"You are taking a chance every time you use the tunnel alone or at night," Sergeant Crawford explained.

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