January 23, 1997


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* ReJOYce chartering forestalls lawsuit
* Stinger falls victim to hijacking by car thieves
* SGA makes 'hardest decision in years'
* News briefs
* SGA Bits - Let's talk about sex...and ReJOYce
* Police issue crime alert
* Corrections
* Alcohol summit suggests importance of education
* Days may be numbered for 'same old' calculus
* Call boxes out for third bid; contractor sought
* OU fraternities bid farewell to party image

* Terps topple Jackets in tight game
* Lady Jackets thrashed by Seminoles
* Freshmen carrying the load in the ACC
* Yellow Jackets falter late in loss to FSU
* Sports Briefs
* Sharp-shooter Floyd excels off the bench

* Consensus Editorials
* Greg Scherrer - To our readers...
* Adam Toner - Improve Tech's surroundings
* Twenty five years after Roe v. Wade
* Don't pass off poison as antidote
* Objections to 'speculation'
* Jesus Christ the only solution to problem of evil

Campus Life
* 3,500 miles, 63 days, $325k
* Interest sprouts for GT Brussels program
* Women's Leadership Conference celebrates 45 years of Tech women
* Ramblins - Stumpy's bear, Sideways the dog remembered in Tech history
* AIESEC members gather in Portland for conference
* IRS offers new tax exemption for students
* Community Service Spotlight

* Just say no to Spice
* Give country a chance
* 'Firestorm' smokes through the theaters
* Everyone can get a buzz
* Click your heels and spring for Jack
* Zuba's really groova
* Help! I've 'Fallen' and I can't get up!
* It's showtime at this year's Golden Globes
* Spend some time with second-rate actors
* Use of seat belts in movies too low for some
* Shift your ears over her

Non Sequitur
off the mark
3-D Dilbert

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