Call boxes out for third bid; contractor sought

By Leslie Nguyen
News Staff

Josh Freeman
Installation of call boxes has been delayed, because the contract has been out for a third bid.

After two unsuccessful attempts, the campus call boxes are currently out on their third bid. The call boxes have been out for bid for at least nine months. SGA's Campus Service, Safety, and Planning Committee will go to work soon to investigate the delay on finding a contractor.
The call boxes are currently under the jurisdiction of Jack Vickery, Chief of the Georgia Tech Police Department. No other department has expressed interest of yet in taking over jurisdiction from GTPD.
The delay in finding a contractor can be attributed to a number of factors. For example, the issue of how much Georgia Tech is willing to pay. Additionally, there may be some difficulties of wiring the system for the contractor who accepts the bid.
The current call box system requires both a power line and phone line to be run to the call box. Call boxes attached to buildings would be easily constructed because of the accessibility to both power and phone lines. Free-standing call boxes would require additional construction costs in order to run power and phone lines to the boxes.
Other colleges and universities, such as Clayton State, use cellular connections for their call boxes. Since Tech does not have a distributed campus like the other colleges and universities that have cellular networking, cellular networking would not be as necessary. Also, cellular networking would not fit in with the current wiring system for the existing call boxes.
The Campus Services, Safety, and Planning Committee will work with GTPD to look into the possibility of adding more locations to the already accepted proposals for call box locations. The new additions will would raise the overall number of yet-to-be installed call boxes to sixteen.

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