January 30, 1998


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* Management and IAC consider split
* Thomas says 'no' to Technology Fee hike
* State-mandated pay increase sparks fee hike
* News briefs
* SGA encourages student involvement
* Committee marches forward with SAC II plans
* Contract awarded for installation of call boxes
* Career Services offers new job-search system
* Technicality sets three carjacking suspects free
* Henry Rollins tickets on sale today

* Consensus Editorials
* Reality pliable under Clinton
* Plenty of Options for free time
* Clinton morally unfit to lead America
* Mere survival and rationality inadequate bases for 'value'
* SGA, Tech owe ReJOYce an apology
* Reviewer recognizes genius of Steve Earle
* ReJOYce too 'narrow'

* Struggling Jackets rebound vs. Eagles
* Lady Jackets fall to 2-7 in conference play
* Collier waits for chance to contribute
* Sports briefs
* Men's tennis gearing up
* Women's tennis prepares for season opener
* Vandals terrorize Duke's Krzyzewskiville
* King leads track teams in Tennessee meet

Campus Life
* Dr. Ruth's lecture for the birds...and the bees
* New house for DU—'Woohoo!'
* 'This is what Brittain Rec was meant to be'
* Ramblins - Students love, vandalize symbolic Tech Tower
* Used-book sales threaten publisher's profit margins

* 'Deep Rising' a real 'Treat'
* Hum soars with 'Downward is Heavenward'
* 'Sliding Doors' gives mixed emotions and destinies
* Run! Here comes Uma
* Chinese Restaurant from a B-Movie
* 'Nine Lives' and counting
* The Column formerly known as Two Bits
* Not original, but still good
* Don't go insane, go Unsane
* The Game Was Good, Commercials Weren't

Non Sequitur
off the mark
3-D Dilbert

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