SGA encourages student involvement

What an outstanding week Student Government had. First, let me remind you, if you are interested in joining this fine organization, applications are due today. You can find them in Room 131 of the Student Services Bldg.
Big news is the $2 Activity Fee increase. It was approved by an overwhelming majority of Council. This increase is to cover the 6% salary increase mandated by the state of Georgia. We will be able to maintain our level of funding for all student organization that receive budgets. Please contact Zak Elliott for any additional information.
Dinero for Campus Civitan Conference in Birmingham, Ala. $474 for six delegates and transportation was approved.
Sailing Club has a new fleet of boats. $15,380 for four lasers to speed across the clear blue water passed.
Black History Month is celebrated every February, and this year is expected to be filled with more exciting events then ever. Undergrads passed a bill of $16,704 for activities including speakers, poets, a comedian, and the famous step show. This bill will go to a conference committee because grads passed it in another form. African American Student Union is sponsoring this event, so contact them for more information.
The Volleyball Club is heading off to nationals! $932 was approved for registration and transportation fees for 4 separate tourneys. Break a leg...or not.
SAC will be getting new basketball goals. This spring, there will be four new basketball hoops for the small price of $40,359. Due to the high participation in this enjoyable sport, it's well worth the price.
Free Basketball T-shirts will be handed out at Thursday's Women's basketball game. SGA, along with the Athletic Association and Budweiser, have put money ($1250 from us) into an outstanding white "T" with gold GT lettering on it. Support the ladies and Tech this Thursday!
Welcome Bryan Goble, our current secretary, as the newest management representative. Make the remaining five weeks worth it.
There has been a lot of discussion about representation, especially with the $2 Activity Fee increase. To me, this seems like the perfect time to encourage people to run for positions in Student Government. If you aren't being heard, do something about it. If you lack the time to participate in SGA, remember to vote in the upcoming elections for candidates committed to improving your life on campus.

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